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San Diego Chargers Equipment Tee

sdchargers.jpg Even though I’m a Chicago Bears fan, I don’t particularly like the way a majority of the team’s fan apparel looks. Many items feature orange as the dominant color, but that shade just doesn’t look very good on me. As a result, I’m not shy about purchasing gear bearing the logos of a few other teams that I support.

One of those other teams is the San Diego Chargers. I don’t mind rooting for the Chargers because they rarely ever play the Bears in the regular season, so there’s no conflict there. Moreover, since the Chargers are on the West Coast, they usually play in the late games, which gives me another team to watch once the Bears are done.

Anyway, I recently purchased a San Diego Chargers Equipment Tee to add to my growing collection of NFL apparel. This particular t-shirt is navy blue, and is an officially licensed product made by Reebok. It has the words “San Diego Chargers” lettered across the front in high-density ink (meaning the letters are somewhat raised on the material). Just below that, the word “Equipment” appears in smaller lettering. Then the lightning bolt logo is right under that.

The t-shirt has the NFL Equipment shield just under the collar, and a Reebok logo on the left sleeve, both of which designate the shirt as an official product that NFL players themselves wear.

This Reebok equipment tee is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, and set me back $19.99 at an online retailer.

I’ve worn this shirt several times already, putting it through the washer and dryer each time. I’m happy to report that the color didn’t bleed at all, and there wasn’t any noticeable shrinkage from drying the material on high heat. Also, the lettering has not started to deteriorate yet, so the shirt still looks as good as new.

The bottom line: My San Diego Chargers Short-Sleeve Equipment Tee is a winner, and I recommend that you buy it if you’re a Bolts fan!