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Minna No Golf Portable 2

mng2.jpg When it comes to video games, I prefer an arcade feel to realism. What I mean by this is I like games that are easy to play, that have fun and whimsical graphics, and that allow your characters to do things that can’t happen in “real life.” So while my husband insists on playing realistic fare like the Call of Duty series or the Gran Turismo racing games, I would rather stick with Mario Kart and the like.

It should come as no surprise, then, that one of my favorite games of all is Hot Shots Golf. I originally bought my PlayStation Portable (PSP) specifically for Hot Shots, and haven’t really used the handheld for anything else. So when Minna No Golf 2 came out in Japan a couple months ago, I went to my nearest game importer and asked them to order a copy. (Fortunately, PSP games are region-free).

Gameplay: Like its predecessor, Minna No Golf 2 is ideal for both beginner and advanced players. For beginners, it’s easy to get started with the game. Just work through a couple of the tutorials, play a practice round or two, and you’re ready to go. That’s all it takes to master the basics, such as stroke power and club selection.

More advanced players can fine-tune their game by learning how to put spin on the ball, by manually choosing clubs instead of using the ones the caddy chooses, or by learning how to read the wind and greens.

Game Modes: Minna No Golf 2 comes with several different game modes: training, tournament, match play, and a hole-in-one mini game (which is surprisingly addictive).

Unlockables: As with the first Hot Shots Golf game, this one relies heavily on unlockables — items that you “win” by winning your matches. These can be accessories, such as clothing, balls, or clubs, or characters and courses.

Reaction: Overall, I think Minna No Golf Portable 2 is a fantastic game that lives up to the reputation set by the original. The graphics are phenomenal, the learning curve is user-friendly, and I think there’s enough variety to appeal to both casual and hard-core gamers alike

I’m glad I was able to get ahold of an early version, because I have no idea when this game is set to come out around here. Whenever it does, I recommend that you buy it because it certainly is quite a lot of fun!