The Chronic Consumer

I buy things — all the time!

Cheap Prescription Eyeglasses

I’ve been wearing glasses for more than a decade now. At first, I only had to use them while driving; however, my eyes have become progressively worse over the years, so now I have to wear glasses almost all the time.

Due to this increased use, I’ve found that I have to replace my eyeglasses far more frequently than before — because of scratched or broken lenses, bent frames, or just because I lose them. At more than $100 per pair, the cost of replacing my glasses really adds up.

That’s why I’m very excited about my latest great discovery: They offer a huge selection of complete prescription eyeglasses in very stylish frames (plus a case) for as little as $8.00!

Zenni Optical has frames for men, women, and children, and they sell prescription bifocals, sunglasses, and goggles as well.

There’s no way I could find a better deal than that anywhere else, so the next time I have to get a new pair of glasses, I’m going to check out the Zenni Optical site first!

BlackBerry 8320 Curve

8320curve.jpg I think I’m ready for a smartphone!

I’m getting tired of having to lug around three or four different devices every time I leave the house, so I’m planning to take the plunge and buy a smartphone as soon as my current cell phone contract expires.

I’ve already been checking out some of the different offerings, and I really like the BlackBerry 8320 Curve. It has all the features I want, such as a full QWERTY keyboard; video and audio playback (so I can watch videos or listen to MP3s); 2.0 megapixel camera with zoom and flash; and of course WiFi connectivity so I can browse the Internet while I’m on the go.

In addition, the 8320 Curve looks fantastic, and is very lightweight at just 3.9 oz.

I’m putting this baby on my Wish List, and hope to be able to buy it within the next six months or so!