The Chronic Consumer

I buy things — all the time!

Checklist for New Truck

It looks like we’ll be getting our new vehicle in February, as planned. We’ve been waiting to see what our financial picture would look like after Christmas expenses and taxes were accounted for, and now we have a pretty good idea of where we stand.

We’re getting a truck, which means my husband is going to have to buy a bunch of accessories for it. For example, we need a truck bed liner to protect the paint from scratches, a tool box to securely store my husband’s tools and motocross equipment, and perhaps even a tonneau cover for when there aren’t any bikes in the back.

In addition, we’ll likely need a bed extender so the bikes can fit in there even with the tool box taking up space in the back.

This stuff is going to cost a bunch of extra money, so we’ll probably end up buying them one at a time as our budget permits. The bed liner definitely has to come first though!

Polder Digital Timer

pdt.jpg Because I work from home, I’m constantly dealing with productivity problems. I have a hard time staying on task, and not surfing the Internet or watching TV when I’m supposed to be working. So in order to help combat this problem, I recently purchased a Polder Digital Timer, with the goal of setting time limits for all of my tasks. I’m much better at getting things done when the clock is ticking, and figured this product would help.

The Polder Digital Timer comes with several features that I absolutely love. For example, I can set the timer to count up or count down. I was specifically interested in the countdown timer because then I can give myself, say, 15 minutes to complete a task and have the alarm beep when the time was up. Much easier than having to keep an eye on a traditional count-up timer.

Another feature that attracted me to this timer was the way I could choose from three different alarm notifications: vibration, sound, and light. I love this because I can use the sound alarm when I’m by myself, and can use one of the other two alarm types when there are other people around so I don’t disturb them. Fantastic!

And finally, I love the little things about this Polder Digital Timer. It has a stand so I can easily keep an eye on the time without having to take my hands off the keyboard to pick it up. It has a very large display that’s nice and easy to read. It takes standard AA batteries so I don’t have to hunt around for obscure replacements.

Overall, this is an awesome little device that I hope will help increase my productivity for the long run. I’ve been using it for about a week now, and have noticed definite improvements in my work habits. As a result, I highly recommend the Polder Digital Timer. It’s the best $10 I’ve spent in a long time!