East Boy Lambswool Scarf

scarf11.jpg My mother-in-law sent us a Christmas care package last week, in which she included this 100 percent lambswool scarf from East Boy for me. East Boy is a very popular brand among high school and college kids in Japan, and as such, their products are somewhat overpriced. For example, this scarf retails for about US$45 — an amount that I personally would never pay for this type of item.

scarf2.jpg But as a gift, I definitely don’t mind it :) ! I like the colors in this particular scarf, and think that it goes very nicely with the black wool overcoat that I’ve been using this winter. The scarf is approximately five feet long by 11 inches wide, which I’ve found to be perfect for the way I wear it. I fold it in half to cut the width down, and then I wrap it once around my neck so that both ends fall in the front (with the Statue of Liberty logo visible, of course!).

scarf3.jpg I did have some “itchiness issues” the first couple of times I wore this scarf, but I think my skin is getting used to this wool now because I don’t even notice it anymore.

In addition, the scarf has a tendency to leave white lint fragments on my black coat, which obviously doesn’t look too attractive. I now have to go over my coat with a lint brush nearly every day before I leave the house — definitely a nuisance. Hopefully this situation will change once the scarf gets broken in a bit more.

Well, what else can you say about a scarf, really? It keeps me warm, it looks good, and it was a gift. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me!

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