Post-Christmas Sales


I decided to brave the crowds today and check out some of the post-Christmas sales at the mall. I got there early enough where parking wasn’t much of a problem, but naturally every single store was packed. I’m glad I went though, as I found a bunch of kids’ clothing on sale for 60-80 percent off the ticket price.

I ended up buying an entire winter wardrobe for my son (for next year) for about $70. I got a nice Carter’s jacket, numerous long-sleeved t-shirts, a couple of sweaters, and two pairs of jeans as well. Seriously, this stuff would have been at least $300 if I had paid full-price for everything, so I’m very happy with the deals I got.

I guess the headache and hassle of shopping on the day after Christmas really can pay off, so if you feel up to it, I recommend checking taking a look at some of the sales going on right now. There’s really no better time to save!

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