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“The Golden Girls” — Season 2

ggs2.jpg I purchased The Golden Girls: The Complete Second Season several months ago, but kept forgetting to review the DVD set here. I finally just put a sticky note on my monitor as a reminder to write this post first thing in the morning, so here I am.

The Complete Second Season
is a basic three-disc set that is more or less looks the same as The Complete First Season. In other words, there are 26 episodes on the single-sided discs, and each disc has a portrait of one of the main characters on it. In addition, specific episodes are listed right on the front of the discs to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

There’s only one bonus feature in this set. It comes at the end of Disc One, and is called “Go For the Gold Trivia Challenge.” It’s hosted by a guy named Jerry Attrick, who shows short scenes from previous eps and then asks questions about the scenes. The answers are listed out in multiple choice format, and you use your DVD remote to make your selections.

Sometimes the questions are about what’s going on in the scene, but sometimes they’re just about what kind of objects are in the scene (“What’s Dorothy pouring?”, “What’s on the table in front of the women?”). They’re all pretty easy to answer, and there wouldn’t really be any point to playing the challenge more than once, so this bonus feature isn’t all that great. I don’t remember how many questions there were in all, but the feature ran about 10 minutes (give or take).

There’s not a whole lot to say about this DVD set. It’s definitely aimed at those on a budget, and therefore doesn’t have a bunch of bells and whistles. Get this one to enjoy the actual Golden Girls episodes rather than for any special features or behind-the-scenes footage.