The Chronic Consumer

I buy things — all the time!

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As someone who shops a lot, I’ve grown to appreciate the importance of using coupons and discount codes whenever possible. At first, I didn’t bother hunting down extra discounts because I figured something like 10% or free shipping just wasn’t worth the trouble. But now I realize that every little bit helps, so I never purchase anything without checking for coupons first.

One of my favorite websites for coupon codes is I love how easy it is to search for relevant coupons on the site, either by category or by a specific store name. Moreover, I like the fact that the discount codes at actually work, so I know that each visit to the site will be worth my time. There’s nothing more frustrating to an eager shopper than to come across a list of expired or unverified coupons!

I’ve discovered that is a great place to go for Kohl’s coupons & discounts. I love shopping at Kohl’s because they have low prices to begin with, and the extra discount codes that I get at allow me to score some incredible bargains.

For example, right now there’s a new Kohl's coupon for 15% off, so when I combine that with the 60-80% clearance sale going on at the store right now, I can end up saving up to 95% on selected items! You can’t beat that!

So if you want to save even more money on all your purchases this holiday season, I recommend checking out the coupons and discount codes available at Remember, all these savings add up and can really help stretch your budget!

Winnie the Pooh Alphabet Log

abclog.jpg My preschool-aged son was having trouble identifying the ABCs, so I thought it would be helpful to buy him a toy that would make learning the letters more fun. He can say or sing the ABCs with no problem, but actually reading the letters is a different story.

I first tried giving him wooden blocks with letters on the sides or ABC magnets for the refrigerator, but he didn’t play with those for very long. What can I say, kids these days need their toys to light up, flash, and talk to them or they’re just not interested! So I ended up buying a product called the Winnie the Pooh Light-Up Alphabet Log from a discount toy website for about $20.

The Light-Up Alphabet Log (pictured above, click to enlarge) basically consists of buttons featuring the letters A-Z, as well as a song button so kids can sing the alphabet song with Winnie. All the buttons have both uppercase and lowercase letters (Aa, Bb, Cc, etc.) and pictures to reinforce the phonetic sounds that the letters make (apple, boat, cap, etc.). When you push a button, Winnie’s voice kicks in to say the letter and the word that corresponds to the picture.

Kids can choose from four different activities on the Alphabet Log: Learn Letter & Sound (just pushing random buttons and having Winnie say the letters); Can You Find It (Winnie calls out a letter and the child has to push the right button); Before & After (“Press the letter that comes before ‘L'”); and the Memory Challenge (kids build up a sequence of letter buttons to press).

My son definitely likes this toy a lot better than any of the other alphabet-related items that I’ve purchased for him in the past, so that’s a step in the right direction. He has been playing with this toy every day ever since I bought it, and his letter identification skills actually have improved a great deal in that time. He now has a majority of the letters down pat, and I’m sure he’ll learn the rest in due time.

Overall, I’m pleased with the Winnie the Pooh Light-Up Alphabet Log. It’s a little loud for my tastes, but as long as my son likes it and is learning his letters, then I can’t complain too much! This product is manufactured by VTech Toys, and can be purchased from