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Clinique Almost Lipstick

cblackhoney.jpg I don’t wear makeup very much at all. I only use it when I put in office days for my part-time consulting gig (about once a week) or when I go out with my husband or girlfriends (4-5 times per month). I do not bother with makeup if I’m just running errands or going to the mall by myself, so there could be a string of several days in a row when I don’t use any of these products at all.

But when I do get all gussied up, I’m sure to apply the finishing touches to my overall look with Clinique’s Almost Lipstick. This is a product that is marketed as a cross between lipstick and lip gloss, and that’s precisely how it looks. It’s neither too heavy nor too shiny, which is exactly what I want.

My favorite color is Black Honey — one of the most popular shades in the almost lipstick line. Black Honey looks incredibly dark in the tube, so when I first saw it at the makeup counter in Marshall Field’s a couple of years ago, I was hesitant to even try it. I go for a minimalist look, and didn’t think this shade would complement the rest of my makeup very well. But the Clinique rep assured me that the color would be nowhere near as dark when it was actually on my lips, so I agreed to test it.

Well, the rep was right! Black Honey doesn’t so much add color to my lips as enhance the natural color that’s already there. This product gave my lips just the right amount of sheen, so that they appeared a bit moist and shiny without the full-on wet look that most glosses give.

If there’s a drawback to Black Honey, it’s the fact that one application doesn’t last very long at all. I have to reapply several times throughout the day to keep the great look.

I paid about $12.50 for a .07oz tube of Black Honey. Many of my friends feel this is a bit expensive considering how many times reapplication is necessary, but since I only wear makeup a few times a month, one tube lasts me for quite a while and I don’t notice the budget crunch as much.

Overall, Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey is a must-have for my makeup bag. I’ve been wearing this color for about two years now and still love it!