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The Golden Girls Season 1

Golden Girls Season One This year I’ve steadily been building up my collection of DVD box sets of my favorite television shows. A couple months ago, I bought The Golden Girls: The Complete First Season since I loved this program back when I was in junior high. I’m not going to talk about specific episodes in this post; I’m more interested in giving the lowdown on the DVD set itself.

The Complete First Season is a 3-disc set that contains 25 episodes. All of the discs are single-sided and have the main characters on them. Disc one features Dorothy and Sophia, disc two shows Rose, and disc three is reserved for Blanche. Each disc also lists the episodes that are on it, which is a nice change from those plain, double-sided discs that come in the cheapo sets these days.

There’s also a short bonus feature showing Melissa and Joan Rivers talking about the various outfits that the Golden Girls wear on the show. You have to remember that this program was on in the ’80s, so there’s plenty to laugh about, including all the pastels colors of the time; the huge shoulder pads; the large, pointy collars; double-breasted crossover tops; and the endless parade of nightgowns, pajamas, and bathrobes that the girls wore. This was a cool feature, but much too short!

The DVD case is made of cardboard and folds into thirds. One flap contains a full listing of the episodes (as well as the writer and director for each), and the other two parts are for the DVDs. The reverse side has a few photos from various scenes.

I feel that this DVD set was a good value at $23.99 from There’s not much to it, but the packaging and presentation look a lot better than I expected it to. I wish there were more extra features on the DVDs, such as commentary from the actresses or a retrospective to remind us how original and well-received this show was when it first came out.

Anyway, I recommend purchasing The Golden Girls: The Complete First Season. At less than a buck per episode, you can’t go wrong!