Fun MX-Related Products

Monster Energy Football Unlike with other sports, motocross fans can’t just walk into the Sports Authority or Sportmart and find tons of products featuring their favorite riders’ names and team logos. Heck, these types of items aren’t even widely available at bike shops, so I guess I’m not surprised that mainstream sporting goods stores don’t sell them. But you can purchase fun MX-related products if you know where to look — and that would be Smooth Industries.

Smooth Industries was started several years ago by a couple of guys who were already involved in the Motocross industry in a limited capacity. They saw an opportunity to sell licensed MX merchandise, and Smooth Industries was born.

So what types of products can you get from Smooth Industries? Very cool items such as the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit football pictured above, bedding sets, pillows, sleeping bags, backpacks, school folders, pencils, aluminum lunch boxes, pajamas, umbrellas, coolers, chairs, and even refrigerators.

The three riders that Smooth Industries has licensing deals with are Jeremy McGrath, Travis Pastrana, and Chad Reed, so almost all of the items feature one of those guys. There’s also stuff from a few of the teams, such as Makita Suzuki, L&M Racing, and Monster Energy/Pro Circuit.

I’ve ordered a couple of things from Smooth Industries before and have been satisfied with the quality of the products. My only complaint is that the stuff they sell runs on the expensive side, which is why I don’t make purchases more often.

Anyway, check them out if you’re interested in some of the things I mentioned in this post!

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