Edible Souvenirs

Like most people, I love buying souvenirs whenever I go on vacation. I simply can’t pass up the gift shops at major tourist traps, and even hit the stores before even seeing the main attraction.

Of course this means that my house is positively overflowing with all the junk that I’ve accumulated over the years, and this presents a whole different problem because I can’t bring myself to throw the stuff away. Never mind that I have absolutely no use for a huge ceramic ashtray; the fact that it has “Branson, MO.” emblazoned on it is enough to make me want to keep it.

So now I’m forcing myself to buy edible souvenirs instead of the more traditional stuff. Whenever we go somewhere, I try to find out what kinds of regional foods are popular there so I can make appropriate purchases. For example, in Hawaii, I bought chocolate covered Macadamia nuts. In Florida, I bought alligator jerky. In Wisconsin, I bought cheesecake. You get the idea.

I recommend trying this approach if you feel you’ve got too many leftover trinkets from your travels. It really does help cut down on clutter!

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