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Healthcare Equipment

A good friend of mine is an RN who recently decided to leave her hospital job to become a private caregiver. She just got tired of all the office politics that went on at the hospital, and wants to be her own boss for a change.

The biggest difference between working at a hospital and going into private practice is that she’s expected to have her own equipment now. Fortunately, she got to know a lot of equipment suppliers where she worked before, so getting the right equipment at good prices hasn’t been too much of a challenge. But now she’s got to get a van to haul around her healthcare cart and other supplies from client to client.

Anyway, her tip to other healthcare professionals setting off on their own is to utilize your contacts whenever possible so you can get the best deals on new and used equipment. And if you don’t have any contacts yet, trying buying online from a few discount websites to save as much as you can.