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Women’s NFL Jerseys

Tom Brady Women’s Jersey As a football fan, there’s nothing better than spending all day Sunday watching my favorite players tear it up on my LCD television. I have a whole gameday ritual that I follow, which includes donning my #12 Tom Brady replica jersey before settling on my couch with my snacks and beverages within reach. (Click thumbnail to enlarge.)

I’ve always loved wearing replica NFL jerseys, but until a couple of years ago, I had to buy sizes that were way too big for me. You see, there were only men’s jerseys on the market, and the smallest one they made, which was a Medium, was still far too big for my 5’4″ 120-pound frame.

Fortunately, Reebok came up with the great idea of making replica NFL jerseys specifically for women. These women’s NFL jerseys come in smaller sizes, are somewhat form-fitting, and look very good. I have had my Brady jersey for 2 seasons so far and am very pleased with the way it has held up through all the washings and dryings.

The only problem I have with the jersey is that it’s a bit smaller than I like to wear it. I ordered a Large because at the time I bought it, that was the biggest size Reebok made. It fits me and is comfortable, but I want my jerseys to be a little bigger than this. I recently checked these jerseys again, and now see that XL and XXL are offered, so I’m probably going to buy another one once I figure out which player to go with.

Oh, I just thought of another problem with these jerseys: the selection is very limited, so unless you like one of about 30 players that includes Brady, Brian Urlacher, Larry Johnson, Peyton Manning, Shaun Alexander, Matt Leinart, Alex Smith, and a few others, then you’re out of luck.

The jerseys run from between $50-$65 depending on where you buy them, which I think is a bit expensive for the quality of the material. But then again, I realize licensing fees are involved, so I guess there’s not much I can do about that.