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More DVD Sets

Facts of Life I spent about an hour looking through all the DVD offerings at, and have come up with more stuff to put on my Wish List. Unfortunately, I have spent so much money on DVDs recently that these new sets will have to wait a couple months, probably until early next year even. I don’t foresee having enough money to buy them until that time, but I’m adding them now as a reminder to myself.

The Facts of Life: The Complete First and Second Seasons — $19.49
The Facts of Life: The Complete Third Season — $14.49
M*A*S*H: Martinis and Medicine Complete Collection — $169.99
House, M.D.: Season Three — $37.99

Total: $241.96

Expensive, right? But I really want to see the entire M*A*S*H series (in order) because it was one of the most critically-acclaimed programs on television during its 11-year run. The Facts of Life DVDs are on there for the sake of nostalgia… I practically grew up with those girls! And House has turned into one of my favorite current programs, so I’m collecting those DVDs right now.

Why don’t I just order them one by one? Because I have a bunch of unwatched DVDs here at my house still (Boston Legal, Golden Girls, etc.) and I’m forcing myself to finish those before I pile on with new sets!